who we are

Iowa Civil Contracting is an industry leader in total pavement and bridge restoration projects. Our commitment to safety and quality is built on old school work ethic, with new school results.

For nearly 50 years we have offered our clients the highest standards of craftsmanship, expertise, safety protocols, and innovation. Our employees are committed to us as we are committed to providing them with up to date equipment, safe work environments, and on-the-job training of modern construction techniques.

what we do

We collaborate with industry experts, project owners, and engineers to attain the best project outcomes. Our specialty is restoring and improving highways, interstate systems, roadways, and bridges. With services including concrete paving and restoration, structural bridge repairs, surface and full-depth replacement, and much more.

how we do it

We empower our employees to create safe work environments while they restore and improve our nation’s highways, interstate systems, roadways, and bridges. Every day, we use the best safety practices catered to each job’s individual needs. We carefully consider cost, execution, and delivery to provide the best possible service from project inception to completion.

our history

In 1972, we opened our doors in Victor, Iowa, as the family-owned Iowa Erosion Control.

In late 1978, we moved into highway repair and subsequently bridge maintenance. As the years passed, we continued to grow, diversify and innovate in highway, interstate, road and bridge repairs and maintenance. Our expertise and reputation have taken us to more than 10 states around the United States, and each of those projects benefited from our deep-rooted history and diverse expertise.

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