Iowa Civil Contracting Utilizes Several Paving Methods

At Iowa Civil Contracting, we manage pavement projects of any size. For highways, roadways, interstate systems, sidewalks, and parking lots, we utilize various paving methods, ranging from surface patching to dowel bar retrofit to full-depth pavement repair. Our seasoned team works day and/or night to complete projects, specializing in those with time-sensitive deadlines, while accounting for strict scheduling needs such as traffic flow, weather, and special events.

Untreated pavement damage creates safety issues for drivers and pedestrians as well as traffic delays and further deterioration. We understand the liability and hazard this can cause if not quickly and carefully treated. Our seasoned crew, project managers, and executives move fast and with meticulous detail to correct the pavement issue. We utilize the best techniques and equipment to provide a quality, cost-effective finished product that meets the needs of project owners and the public. Furthermore, our dedication to safety is practiced every day on every job to account for everyone on the road.

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our processfor pavement repairs:


Bidding on contracts that align with our pavement repair specialties and expertise


Teaming up with the project owners and associates to understand their needs and expectations


Working on-site and adhering to scheduling needs


Collaborating with the owner, crew, engineers, and inspectors as the job progresses


Completing the pavement project with the highest degree of quality, expertise, and safety

Our cost-effective solutions offered full and partial pavement repairs include:









Full & Partial Patching

Removing of selected areas chosen by the contracting authority; cutting the full depth of the pavement; removal either by breaking and digging with excavators/backhoes or by utilizing a lift-out method (lifting an entire slab). Replacing/adding steel as needed/desired by authority, replacing it with new concrete, and finishing flush with existing concrete.

Typically removing 3 to 5 inches off the top of the road by milling or other means at locations chosen by the contracting authority; sandblasting the removed area clean and replacing it with new concrete finished flush with the existing concrete. The new concrete is typically bonded to existing concrete by a grout place immediately before concrete placement.

Subbase Installation

Removing the old roadbed or subbase (the area underneath the pavement, the roadway, or bridge approach), to a depth desired by the contracting authority or a depth of sound and suitable material, then typically replacing it with a granular material back to the desired elevation. Typically done before a full-depth repair, or paving operation.

Joint Sealing

Sawing each joint in a roadway or parking lot etc.; to the desired depth; cleaning the joint with a power washer or sandblasting, and compressed air; then filling the joint with a suitable material.

Dowel Bar Retrofit

The addition of steel to a road that was paved without it. Typically done by sawing 2 1/2 inch “slots” (like in the picture) on an already existing joint or crack in the roadway; jackhammering the area sawed to remove the old concrete to allow space for a new dowel bar inside the “slot”, elevating it off the bottom with a plastic chair, and then filling the slot with grout to create a load transfer point at the existing joint.

PCC Paving

From parking lots to interstate systems, Iowa Civil Contracting utilizes paving several methods, ranging from the surface, to retrofit, to full-depth pavement repair. For all projects, we adhere to various schedules and working hours, including traffic flow, weather, and special events. We work day and night shifts to complete projects, specializing in those with time-sensitive deadlines.

Barrier Wall Repair

Removing and replacing cracked or insufficient barrier wall at designated locations, by forming the open space, placing reinforcing and new steel, and replacing the concrete. Also, cleaning the wall and applying an epoxy sealer to increase the life of the barrier wall.


We will repair and replace sections of the sidewalk to widen for the new standards; typically, this work is done with other major work on sections of streets.

ADA Ramps

This is the updating of the curb openings at intersections of city streets to meet the American Disabilities Act requirements. It is a multilevel job done in two stages so all requirements are met.


We pride ourselves on our client relationships as well as our ability to meet their needs and expectations. We work as a team – a partner – with them to productively and collaboratively deliver what we set forth.

We’ve enjoyed a great working relationship with the folks at Iowa Civil Contracting (formerly Iowa Erosion Control) and have found the company to be composed of top-notch professionals in the construction field. Coordination is a key element in this business and everyone at Iowa Civil Contracting takes that part very seriously which in turn leads to smoother results.

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Logan Contractors Supply has shared a relationship with the Ownership of Iowa Civil Contracting, since the early nineties. We have found their business practices, work, and reputation, to be professional, fair, and trustworthy. We are happy to continue our relationship, under their newly formed name of Iowa Civil Contracting.

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