Primarily on Municipal streets, Interstate and highway systems, Iowa Civil Contracting offers PCC Paving.

Iowa Civil Contracting offers PCC Paving. For all projects, we adhere to various schedules and working hours, including traffic flow, weather, and special events. We work day and night shifts to complete projects, specializing in those with time-sensitive deadlines.

pavement removals

Offering a wide range of full depth sawing. Iowa Civil Contracting can perform Pavement Removals based on the needs of any project including PCC Asphalt, and Composite pavements.

subgrade preparation

Cut and fill of sub grade to project design, along with disc and compaction to achieve preparation.

subbase installation

Removing the old roadbed or subbase (the area underneath the pavement, the roadway, or bridge approach), to a depth desired by the contracting authority or a depth of sound and suitable material, then typically replacing it with a granular material back to the desired elevation. Typically done before the paving operation.


We pride ourselves on our client relationships as well as our ability to meet their needs and expectations. We work as a team – a partner – with them to productively and collaboratively deliver what we set forth.

We’ve enjoyed a great working relationship with the folks at Iowa Civil Contracting (formerly Iowa Erosion Control) and have found the company to be composed of top-notch professionals in the construction field. Coordination is a key element in this business and everyone at Iowa Civil Contracting takes that part very seriously which in turn leads to smoother results.

Clint Reeves

Fastrac Cement

Logan Contractors Supply has shared a relationship with the Ownership of Iowa Civil Contracting, since the early nineties. We have found their business practices, work, and reputation, to be professional, fair, and trustworthy. We are happy to continue our relationship, under their newly formed name of Iowa Civil Contracting.

Bruce Logan

Logan’s Contractor Supply
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